Negotiation training

We offer internal negotiation training programs. The programs are intensive with groups of only 6-12 paricipants. Each program is specifically tailored to the negotiation challenges of your organisation, and typically last from 2 to 6 days.

During the programs we involve participants in discussions about their Negotiation challenges and work with negotiation cases from realistic situations. Cases are video taped and direct, constructive feedback used as a vital part of the learning.

As a part of the program we can offer individual coaching and sparring on negotiation behavior and communication style.

Participants in our programs are often experienced negotiators, working in Procurement, Sales, Project Management or Top Management.

We always start with an analysis of the negotiations in your organisation, to identify the needs, challenges and gaps in both organisation, roles and individuals. Then we design the content and focus of the program, to address your needs and the negotiation challenges of your organisation.

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Negotiation advisory

We offer negotiation advisory on your specific negotiations, i.e. project negotiations, frame agreements, M&A or claims and conflicts etc. - Our deliveries are designed to meet your needs, on a case-by-case basis, i.e. facilitate a structured preparation with your negotiation team, help plan the negotiation proces or participate as an active part in your negotiation team.

We offer mediation, conflict management and facilitating finding constructive solutions to your conflicts.

Negotiation tools & processes
We can create effective negotiation tools and check lists to support the negotiators of your organisation.

To have the wrong KPI can be a potential barrier and risk destroying value - "You get what you measure" We can help you identify potential barriers and align organisational incentives and KPI's.

We can help you implement the negotiation tools in your processes and align them to effectively maximize value creating opportunities and TCO. Support change of negotiation behavior, individual learning, sharing of best practice, reflection and continous improvement.