What we believe in

Creating value and bottom line results

Our method and work is based on a constructive approach to negotiation.

We believe that sustainable and long term negotiation results are best achieved by trying to create agreements that is reasonable for both parties.

We believe that to create the best possible negotiation results, you need to train and have organisational focus on reflection, learning and continous improvement.

Experience shows that there is substantial unused potential and added value to be created in the negotiation processes of most organisations. This can be capitalised with effective negotiation structure, training and supporting tools & processes.

We focus on TCO and the entire value chain, looking at both our clients and their counterparts. Their respective cost, values and interests. - identifying value creating opportunities and helping our clients capitalise the added value.

Make no mistake, it is NOT a "soft" approach.
It is business – With the focus of helping our clients to create better negotiation results!

Our negotiation model is based on the original concept founded at the Harvard Negotiation Project in 1981, and we draw upon and follow the newest theory and research in the area of negotiation and conflict management.

We believe that benefits should not disappear when the consultant does. Therefore we focus on implementation and change of behavior.

Donald Kirkpatrick has developed a four step learning evaluation model:
1. Reaction
2. Learning
3. Behavior
4. Results

Our experience shows that many organisations mistakenly focus a lot on step 4 (results), but not enough on step 3 (behavior) – hoping the behavior changes by itself. It doesn't!

To create sustainable results it is vital to focus on behavior. When you succeed in chainging the behavior, the results will focus automatically.

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